Anne Hathaway Joins Occupy Wall Street Protest (OK?)


Here’s Anne Hathaway marching with Occupy Wall Street protestors on Thursday and holding up signs (click for full size):

Um, alright! We could criticize her for clearly aligning herself with a general anti-establishment sentiment to add street cred and appear very down-to-earth, and we probably wouldn’t be wrong, but also, her presence will draw more attention to the #OWS movement regardless (thanks to dumbass pop culture blogs who only link to political things when celebrities or pizza songs are involved – thooseee guyssss), so it’s hard to roundly criticize. Although, if Anne Hathaway is part of the 99%, we need to get into hundredths-of-percents to figure out exactly where my income falls.

After the jump, three more pictures of Anne Hathaway and her boyfriend Adam Shulman marching with OWS:

(pics via Splash News)

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