Breaking Dawn Superfan Week: Letters To Twilight’s Love Is Real, Not Blind


For those of you unfamiliar with the last-but-not-least subjects of our Breaking Dawn Superfan Week, the ladies behind Letters to Twilight are not your typical gushing fangirls. Their daily letters are funny, sarcastic and never shy to point out the, well, problematic aspects of the franchise. But their true love of the saga still shines through. Let’s let them tell you about it.

Nikki and Bekah: We started LTT (Letters to Twilight) in 2008, after realizing we obsessively watched the same behind-the-scenes, one-hour Vanity Fair photo-shoot video of the cast and couldn’t understand why we, as educated, professional young 20-somethings would waste our time. And then we found fan videos. And Twilight tattoos. And discovered that we felt “second-hand embarrassed” about how Twilight fans were portrayed, and knew that if we were “normal,” there had to be other normal Twilight fans out there too. If you find any let us know. Three years later, LTT is a place for Twilight fans who don’t know why they like teen vampires and wolves. We don’t take ourselves, Twilight, the movies or the cast seriously. And we laugh. A lot!

TheFABlife: When did you first fall in love with Twilight?
Bekah: The moment I saw Rob Pattinson walk on the screen. I mean, in 2008, when I devoured the books on vacation while sitting on the beach.
Nikki: When Robert Pattinson’s eyes caught mine from the screen and looked directly into my soul, I knew it was true love. (Actually, the week before the Twilight movie came out I read the books and was unconditionally and irrevocably changed.)

TFL: What’s the moment you can’t wait to see in Breaking Dawn (1 or 2)?
Nikki: I can’t wait to see how they plan to chew the Demon Baby out of Bella.
Bekah: Sex. I mean, the wedding.

TFL: How many times have you read the books? How many times have you seen the previous movies?
Bekah: You should really be asking how many copies of the books I’ve had to buy because my previous copies were so worn.
Nikki: We’ve seen the movies so many times that we think they’re gonna offer us stock in AMC Theaters next.

TFL: How many times do you plan on seeing Breaking Dawn Part 1?
Bekah: We actually just saw it at the premiere and have tickets to a screening Wednesday, midnight tickets with pals on Thursday, and I just planned to see it with some friends next weekend at a “normal” time! So maybe 1 million?

TFL: What will you do after you’ve seen it that many times?
Nikki: We’ll probably get an invite to Clay the movie theater usher’s high school graduation party.

TFL: What will you do after the final movie is out?
Bekah: Wash my Edward Cullen duvet cover (I can’t risk getting it wet and the possibility of it shrinking before then).
Nikki: Contemplate our next life-sucking YA novel-to-book blog endeavor.

TFL: Have you ever felt this way about any other book/movie/person/thing?
Nikki: Unless you count my raging obsession with ‘NSYNC in High School that prompted a short-lived personal fansite and many hundreds of dollars spent on concert tickets and merch, then no, I’m not the obsessive type at all.
Bekah: I had a couple pictures of JTT back in ’96.

TFL: Do you think anything will ever take Twilight‘s place for you?
Bekah: I hope not. I think of it as a once-in-a-lifetime obsession for me. One that would be lessened if anything took its place. I’m happy with where Twilight and I are in life together.
Nikki: Nothing could ever take the place of this experience (unless it was an ‘NSYNC reunion tour).

TFL: Will anything ever become the phenomenon that Twilight has?
Nikki: Maybe The Hunger Games, but … it’s different.
Bekah: Yeah, it’s different because the romance isn’t central to the story. So while there is obsession, and it’s pretty big and will only get bigger, I don’t think there will be that “You are my life now” romantic Edward/Bella/Robert/Kristen obsession that Twilight has.

TFL: Do you think Stephenie Meyer should do a spin-off series? On which character?
Bekah and Nikki: The love triangle between Charlie Swan, Sue Clearwater and Billy Black. Everyone is DYING to know what goes down between these three.

TFL: Twilight tattoos: yea or nay?
Bekah: Not unless you want to end up featured on our website under the heading: WHAT NOT TO DO.

TFL: How has Twilight changed your life?
Bekah and Nikki: Do you have a couple hours? Twilight has brought us friends we would never have made otherwise. Twilight has given us experiences that have been fun, exciting and so memorable. Twilight has made us laugh and cry. And then laugh again!

TFL: Favorite line from the book/movie?
“They’re not bears. They’re wolves.” — Bella, New Moon (movie)
“You can Google it.” -Edward, Twilight (movie)

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