Peter Facinelli: “I Don’t Want To See Rob Pattinson’s Butt Crack!”


While just about everyone we talked to on the Breaking Dawn red carpet was excited to see the much-discussed sex scene between Bella and Edward, two stars of the film were noticeably not interested in watching them do it. Peter Facinelli and Billy Burke, who play Edward’s and Bella’s dads, both winced when we asked about the intimate moment. How sweet that these two dudes would be fatherly in real life, too! Billy told us the scene makes him “uncomfortable,” while Peter said, “It’s weird for me. They’re like brothers and sisters to me.” He added, “I hope they do it tastefully because I don’t want to see Rob Pattinson’s butt crack.”

Not to worry, Peter. Rob told Ellen DeGeneres that his butt crack was edited out of the film. “You’re allowed to show cheek. You can’t show crack,” he told the talk-show host. We hope Peter can handle that!

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