Beyonce’s Bump Is Starting To Blow!


It’s official: Beyonce has popped, big time. Based on photos snapped this weekend at the New York screening of Bey’s Live at Roseland concert movie, the littlest diva is making her presence known. The new film, which features four shows performed by Jay-Z‘s lady back in August, technically co-starred Babyonce; even as a zygote, Bey was sure her unborn would draw focus.  “The whole time I definitely was thinking, ‘Everyone knows, everyone can see,’ ” the “Love On Top” singer explained at the event, adding, “When you’re pregnant, it’s a little bit harder to breathe, so it was hard doing all the choreography and singing at the same time.” The film will hopefully impress her offspring as much as it will impress fans. Joked Beyonce, “[I hope he or she will say] I can’t believe I was in that belly!” Please. We all know that’ll be the baby’s first full sentence.

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