How Does Ryan Gosling’s Teen Sitcom Compare To Other Embarrassing Celeb Roles?


There’s a lot of potentially humiliating stuff going on in Ryan Gosling‘s Breaker High, the Canadian sitcom that helped launch the Drive actor’s career in 1997, back when he was just a hunky teen. Between Ryan’s faux-Brooklyn accent, the insanely flamboyant hockey coach, and the fact that the show revolved around a high school located on a cruise ship, it’d be understandable if Ryan wanted to toss all copies of this show into the Atlantic and never look back. But really, is it any worse than any other early embarrassing celeb role? From Jack Black to Jennifer Aniston to Renee Zellweger, plenty of A-listers have had to take some Z-list roles when they were starting out. If you had to chose one from our humiliating list (and you do!), which cringe-worthy part do you think is the most regrettable?

1. Jennifer Aniston, Leprechaun (1993)

A 24-year-old Jen reportedly came close to giving up on her acting career after she starred in this C-list horror movie. Sounds hard to believe now, but at one point in the film the leprechaun chases Aniston whilst riding down the road on a hospital gurney. That’s enough to make anyone question their life goals.

2. Helen Hunt, Desperate Lives (1982)

In what is perhaps the most famous awful early role, a teenage Helen Hunt explodes out of a second-story window after taking PCP in this made-for-TV movie, thus making it (arguably) her stunt double’s most embarrassing gig as well.

3. Nicole Kidman, BMX Bandits (1983)

Nicole’s hair in this Australian kids’ adventure movie says it all.

4. Daniel Craig, A Kid In King Arthur’s Court (1995)

Actually, Daniel’s hair in this American kids’ adventure movie says it all too!

5. Johnny Depp, Private Resort (1985)

The ’80s was a strange time, guys. A baby-faced Depp chases girls and runs from criminals in this Spandex-wrapped comedy. Coincidentally, it’s also Hector Elizando‘s most embarrassing role. A two-for-one!

6. Jack Black, Touched By an Angel (1995)

What’s more humiliating? Jack Black’s tough guy act, or the fact that they are running a criminal ring to steal blank CDs? Trick question: the answer is both.

7. Matthew McConaughey and Renee Zellweger, Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The New Generation/The Return of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1994)

Another twofer! Renne screams and Matthew, well, acts like he normally does but more so in this D-list sequel. Points added for Renee’s insane wardrobe of lame bridesmaids dresses.

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