The 30 Most Underratedly Cute Animals


We all know how cute dogs and cats are; any quick search on the ol’ Internet dot com can tell you that. But forget the pandas and otters and meerkats of the world for just one day – if you dig a little deeper, you can find adorable photos of almost any type of animal, including completely disgusting ones (sorry, those ones! But it’s true.)

In honor of these oft-overlooked internet outcasts, ranging from the forgotten to the mundane to the straight-up gross, here’s a collection of The 30 Most Underratedly Cute Animals:

30. Bats

29. Squid

28. Sloth

27. Spider

26. Anteater

25. Hippo

24. Frog

23. Camel

22. Beetle

21. Opossum

20. Hedgehog

19. Spybug

18. Ox

17. Pigeons

16. Donkey

15. Salamander

14. Warthog

13. Snake

12. Lemur

11. Pangolin

10. Beluga Whale

9. Falcon

8. Rhino

7. Turtle

6. Stingray

5. Owl

4. Skunk

3. Octopus

2. Crocodile

1. Rat

Other cute pics of ugly or boring animals? Leave ‘em in the comments!

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