This Is A Video Of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Total Recall DVD Commentary Where He Describes Everything Very Literally


Gawker brings us a pre-Black Friday miracle, in this higlights reel of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Total Recall DVD commentary, where he basically just describes everything that’s happening in the move for two straight hours.

As an example, here is the insight Arnold brings to the famous “Two Weeks Lady” scene:

This is a wonderful scene where I come up to Mars as an old lady. As a fat old lady. And I’m actually hiding underneath the thing which is the amazing thing which we find out later on. Now things are going wrong with hte face, the uncontrollable distortion of the face and everything and that’s what busts me right now because the face does not stop it says the wrong things all the time. What a surprise to come up there as an old lady, then all of a sudden the thing malfunctions, and then they catch me. But of course it’s not just a face, or a head, it’s also an explosive device.

The Two Weeks Lady deserved better Arnold. And here is my full history of the actress Patricia Allen, if you’re curious.

Also his take on the three-breasted woman is a REVELATION. If you can make it through all 4 minutes of this, reward yourself by watching it again. Reminder: This man was Governor of the third largest state in America.

Mmmmmm this was pretty funny, but it’s nothing compared to Terminator 4.