Sorry, Dark Knight Rises Fans: Ellen Page Is Not Your New Batgirl


Prepare to be excited … then immediately crushed: Rumors were swirling earlier today that Ellen Page would be playing Barbara Gordon in The Dark Knight Rises. For those of you who had actual lives during high school, Barbara is both the daughter of Gary Oldman‘s Commissioner Gordon and, eventually, Batgirl. Squee, right? The Dark Knight Rises Rumors reported this morning that one of their readers had spotted a tell-tale sign of Ellen’s involvement on the film’s set earlier this month. No, literally, it was a sign that allegedly read “E. Page ‘B. Gordon.'” If that already sounds fishy to you, clearly you are not seeing things through the eyes of a true Page fan. She would look so adorkable with bat ears! Can’t you let us dream for a few more hours?

Of course, Batman-News had to go ruin everything by, you know, talking to people who actually worked on the movie; they denied Page’s involvement and said the alleged sign was a fake. Then again, it’s not totally improbable that the Juno star would get to rock the cape and cowl; her Inception co-stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Marion Cotillard made it into the movie, and director Christopher Nolan is known for using actors he’s worked with before. So, now we just need another Dark Knight movie after this one with more Ellen Page, as opposed to moving on to the next Batman reboot. That’s the ticket! Haha, wheeee! Don’t try to tell us facts when we’re in our happy place!

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