No, That’s Not A Katy Perry Baby Bump; It’s Just Taco Bell


We thought Katy Perry looked dreamy in her AMAs outfit this weekend, but it seems some people took her (completely non-existent) belly situation as an excuse to start dreaming up a tiny baby friend for the “One That Got Away” singer. Unfortunately for those of you who’ve already started assembling hot pink baby wigs for her shower gift, Katy Perry pregnancy rumors remain just that: rumors. “I like In-N-Out Burger and Taco Bell and if you want to make that pregnant that’s your problem,” Perry told The Insider, adding “I still love drinking alcohol so not yet.” The idea that anyone could look at Katy’s teeny, tiny abdomen and think she had a baby on board…well, that is seriously a nightmare.

That being said, we don’t blame girl for coming out and correcting us. No one wants Katy Perry’s SNL hosting gig to get bogged down by the age-old “seven-layer burrito or fetus” debate. “I’m SO excited 2 announce I’ll be HOSTING Saturday Night Live Dec. 10! This is the cherry on top and @robynkonichiwa is part of it!,” the singer tweeted yesterday. Definitely seems like something worth celebrating. To the drive-thru! Then to the bar! Then to the drive-thru again!

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