J.R. Martinez Wins Dancing With The Stars


Congratulations to J.R. Martinez and Karina Smirnoff who took home the mirror-ball trophy in last night’s finale of Dancing With the Stars. The duo beat out Rob Kardashian and Ricki Lake for the prize, and J.R. isn’t planning to let go of it anytime soon. He told E!, “I joked about gluing it on the hood of my car and just driving around L.A. Or be like rappers and make a chain out of it and just wear it around! I’m going to cherish this thing every single day!”

It’s also a love fest between the three finalists, so don’t expect an sore loser comments. After the show, Ricki said, “I was the last girl standing! I really kicked ass tonight with my tango. I’m really proud. I’m very happy for J.R. and Karina. They were so very deserving, and Rob and Cheryl were amazing, so third is good in my book!” Continuing the feel-good sentiment was Rob, who added, “I really did put it all out there. It was up to the fans, and J.R. deserved to win. I’m super happy, and I learned so much about myself.”

So, now that it’s all over, we wanted to ask you whether you think the correct person won. Let us know in the poll below.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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