Justin Bieber’s DNA Test Reveals … He Doesn’t Quite Get Letterman’s Joke


Mariah Yeater‘s lawyer Jeffrey Leving said she’s eager to have son Trystan’s DNA tested and compared to Justin Bieber‘s, though Leving told TMZ that he’s got a problem with the fact that none of his client’s team was present when Bieber was tested on Friday. Justin’s still not worried, and he was comfortable enough to joke with David Letterman about it in a pre-taped interview to air on tonight’s Late Show.

“You were man enough from the beginning, you said, oh yeah? That’s not true and I’ll take one of those DNA tests,” Letterman said. “What’s the procedure? Are you unconscious?”

“No, they just swab your mouth!” the 17-year-old laughed. But then came a reveal that has us worried about the singer:

“Is there disrobing?” Letterman asked.



“No, I don’t think so,” Justin laughed, and it was the kind of “I don’t think so” that hints he still doesn’t know what “disrobing” means. We can’t be sure but possibly: a) he was joking, b) he’s so darn innocent, he’s not acquainted with even the politest ways of saying “getting naked,” or c) being a musical prodigy interfered with his vocab lessons.

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