Tobey Maguire Settles Weird Underground Poker Lawsuit


Finding out that Tobey Maguire regularly rakes in hundreds of thousands of dollars at underground A-list poker games is like finding out your soft-spoken gym teacher was a mafioso, or that the school nurse was an exotic animals smuggler. Kind of cool, but weirdly unexpected and, therefore, unsettling? Rather than go to court and potentially have more perturbingly cool secrets revealed, the Great Gatsby star decided to pony up $80,000 to settle a lawsuit over winnings he got from poker buddy/corrupt investor Brad Ruderman. Maguire won $311,000 off Ruderman during said awesome games; Ruderman’s clients now insist that their funds illegally made their way into the Spider-Man actor’s winnings. Tobey asserted as part of the settlement that he didn’t know about Ruderman’s financial dealings “or any other improper activity.” That being said, it all really makes you wonder what secrets lurk behind those sleepy, sleepy eyes. Seriously, the man was in Seabiscuit! It just doesn’t seem right!

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