Exclusive: Courtney Stodden Gives Us A Peek At Her “Princess” Life


It’s taken a few months, America, but we may finally be accepting the fact that Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison are the real thing. I mean, why else would we see the 17-year-old aspiring starlet and her 51-year-old actor husband going to church and the mall together on Sunday? Not for the photo op, surely! Anyway, we here at TheFABlife had the chance to take a little peek into the everyday lives of this fascinating couple — not the Dr. Drew-style peek, either — when Courtney answered a few questions on camera.

First up, we wondered, with their age gap, do Courtney and Doug have the same taste in music, movies and TV shows? (Subtext: Is that, at least, like hanging out with someone’s dad?)

But Courtney said they do like some of the same things and have been introducing each other to new ones. “There’s fine lines in between what we share and what we teach each other,” she said enthusiastically. “I’ve turned him on to Maroon 5, Train and all the new awesome bands. And he’s turned me on to some of his music. We’re batting that back and forth and exploring each world.”

And like many a kid raised on Nick-at-Nite, Courtney knows her old-timey TV shows, like, erm, “I Love Lucy’s.”

“I love I Love Lucy’s, The Honeymooners, Green Acres. We love that kind of stuff,” she said. “But it’s so cute: Doug calls Maroon 5 ‘Monsoon 5.’ He’s like, ‘YEAH! Monsoon 5!’ It’s so embarrassing, but it’s darling too.”

And though the paps have caught glimpses of her walking to Starbucks and doing other mundane tasks, we asked her what a typical day in the life of Courtney Stodden is like.

“A typical day for me is crazy, let me tell you,” she began. “I get up out of bed in the sexiest outfit you’ve ever seen. My hair is done, my makeup’s done. I get up at around 12 p.m. I make my mocha. I don’t care about anything else.

“Doug is wonderful,” she added. “He picks up my coffee beans that I spill on the floor. He picks up my foundation. He picks up my feathers from my big robe that I wear. My high heels are all over. So I have a wonderful life, a wonderful husband. So, a typical day for me is, like, a princess.”

We know you want more Courtney than that. Who doesn’t? So click over to this next part of the interview: Exclusive: Courtney Stodden Wants To Bring Back “Classy Old Hollywood”
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[Photos: Splash News Online]

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