26-Pound Gummy Bear Gives The Gift Of Giant Diabetes


Looking for the perfect candy that costs as much as an Ipod Nano, weighs 26 pounds, will give people nightmares, and packs in 32,000 calories in one single piece? LOOK NO FURTHER. That’s because candy dealers Vat19.com have managed to construct this ungodly beast of a snack, in a giant “Party Gummy Bear” that can be both eaten or used to serve other foods.

Like this:

Or this:

Finally, the perfect way to serve hummus to my guests… in the belly of a 26-pound gummy bear. Yes, this 17 inch tall bear holds ONE LITRE’s worth of liquid or goods in its stomach.

Or you can also serve it to your family for Thanksgiving in an effort to ruin whatever semblance of a childhood your kids have had.

So how much will this 17 inch tall “Party Bear” set your family/frat house back? A mere $149, which, when you think about it, is a bargain. Let’s figure it out. There are 70 regular gummy bears in a pound, and at $4 a pound, that’s 6 cents per bear. Now the giant gummy is 6,200 times bigger than a regular gummy bear. Meaning it would cost you $372 to buy as many gummy bears as you get in this single, nightmare shaped one. #BARGAIN!

The people of Vat19 have even made a giant gummy bear music video, where I’m preeeetty sure one of these dudes f*cks it:

This product of course will never hold a giant gummy candle to the finest giant gummy product ever created by Vat19… the giant Gummy Worm:

Which as well all know is really just a giant gummy shlong that no woman is built for:

Those of you interested in actual SFW GAY PORN, here is their video for it that’s pretty clever:

Now, if they could only figure out how to make a Giant Gummy Human Centipede….. for parties!! What?!

[Photos via Splash and Vat19]

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