Woman Calls For An HJ On Wheel Of Fortune


Say you were picked to be a contestant on Wheel Of Fortune and you really wanted to win. I mean… really wanted to win. You might start your interview… a little bit… like this… aka miming a hand job:

Yes, that’s exactly what contestant Lorimar Riemedio did during her “Get To Know You” moment with television legend Pat Sajak. She, of course, pretends to be referring to something she calls “karaoke elbow,” which is what she calls “pleasuring a fellow manually.” Sajak, being the world class gentleman that he is, slyly alludes to the oddness of it all, while breathing a sigh of relief for anything calling attention away from that pink tie.

Then again, this is nothing compared to that time Ken Jennings did the “Doo Doo Brown” on Jeopardy.

For those of you wondering, yes, I do DVR Wheel Of Fortune because I am 110 years old and it relaxes me. (And I do have genuine feelings for Pat Sajak and please don’t tell me what his politics are because why ruin something I like? Thanks.) If you think this is the funniest thing that happened this week, you’d actually be wrong. The funniest thing was this:

Now do you understand why I DVR it? No? Bye.

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