BUY THIS FOR ME NOW: Boo The Dog Stuffed Animal


Oh sweet merciful Lord, wherever you are, thank you. The internet’s most famous creature, Boo The Dog, is being memorialized forever and ever in stuffed animal form. Yes, now you finally have someone to go see Shame with!

Boo, as you know, is the most popular animal on Facebook with 2,499,618 Likes. That means 2.5 million people are going to be clamoring to get one of these little stuffed b-stards, so bring your pepper spray to FAO Schwarz, parents, because this won’t be easy. In other words, Mom and Dad, now you’ve got my first night of Hanukkah present allllll figured out. Night #2 through 8 won’t be as easy, but you might need this.

For those of you who would never stoop to buying a stuffed Boo and insist on having the real thing: Ahead, a “Best Of” video that should meet your daily “No Other Animal Is As Cute” quote.

I can’t help it. Here’s another one of him falling asleep. This is what my heart is doing while watching this:

(via @NYCFiona)

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