Is Rihanna So Stressed She’s Been Put On A 24-Hour Health Watch?


Rihanna hasn’t been feeling too well, you guys. In addition to canceling a concert at the end of October due to illness, Britain’s The Mirror claims that RiRi is currently under 24-health watch, complete with a curfew, after a stress-induced meltdown almost forced her to cancel a performance in Dublin on November 25. Wow, an adult curfew plus no booty calls? The woman might as well be in a coma!

2011 has not been a great year for stressed-out singers in general, though. Everyone from Usher to Keith Urban to Adele have had to cancel concerts for reasons ranging from total exhaustion to bleeding vocal lesions. Ugh, we’re getting bleeding vocal lesions just thinking about it. Rihanna has been on tour for 10 months with 101 scheduled performances; it wouldn’t be too surprising if her body was trying to force her into Mandatory Nap mode. That, or maybe she caught something from that bathtub in her “We Found Love” video. It looked profoundly unsanitary.

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