Kim Richards Checks Into Rehab; My Mother Responds


Sad but hopeful news in the world of reality TV today: Kim Richards, 47, of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fame has entered rehab at an undisclosed location.

I was curious as to what Real Housewives expert and my mother Judy Collins thought of the news, so I gave her a little call from the office (long distance here is free, right? What? Aha.) so I gave her a little call from my cellular telephone to find out what she thought of the news. She answers in typical Judy fashion:

Well, I’m happy either she realized or somebody did that she’s a very sick girl. I mean the girl couldn’t even finish a full sentence. Her thoughts were always like helter skelter. It was hard to follow her logic. So I only hope she’s gonna get help and get healthy for the new year. She has a beautiful family and it’s a shame. I feel bad.

Is it a happy thing? No. Not everybody realizes its time to clean up. Maybe the boyfriend had a nice influence on her. You know mushrooms are sometimes very tasty.

Also maybe her family realized something was amiss when they noticed how she drives…

“Hands Free”