KFed Allegedly Collapses, All Signs Point To Baby On Board


If watching Jessica Simpson‘s gigantic elephant-in-the-room baby bump grow larger and larger with each passing day without comment has taught us anything, it’s to always keep our eyes peeled for secret baby friends. Now that In Touch has reported that Kevin Federline  allegedly passed out and had to be hospitalized, we can only arrive at one conclusion…you guys! Britney‘s ex is pregnant! “Kevin was in the hospital for four days after he got sick and passed out,” a source reported to the magazine, explaining that Federline had been treated for heatstroke and dehydration in mid-November. Okay, sure, it could be heatstroke but we’ve all seen Junior; we all knew this was only a matter of time.

Think about it: KFed’s weight as always fluctuating, plus he loves kids; he now has five, including baby daughter Jordan Kay with girlfriend Victoria Prince. Now he’s getting the vapors and losing consciousness? The source seems to attribute KFed’s hospital stay to his sting on Australia’s celeb weight loss series Excess Baggage, adding “Kevin had to swim across a river with alligators on the show.” Gasp! Just like we would do if we were pregnant. Consider it another case solved for the Fetus Detectives! We mean…TheFABlife!

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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