Rob Schneider’s New Sitcom Is The Most Definitive Proof Yet Of 2012 Apocalypse


Here’s an extended trailer and behind-the-scenes look at Rob Schneider’s upcoming 2012 sitcom Rob! (title-punctuation theirs, not mine, but that’s how excited we should all be!) Rob Schneider plays Rob, a white man who just married a sitcommly-out-of-his-league Mexican gal, but hijinx ensues when he tries to get along with her family. It’s a classic fish out of AGUA story!!!

It appears Rob! and Work It will be the key-master and gate-keeper of the now-certain 2012 apocalypse. It’s been fun, humanity! But it’s all over:

Just so we’re not entirely negative in this post, check out Rob Schneider’s Best 3 Projects after the jump:

#3 – The Stapler

#2 – The Carrot

#1 – This

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