Gary Oldman As A Ventriloquist Dummy Will Haunt Your Dreams



You Will Hate This

Get those Gmail tabs open and sign into AOL ASAP (DAD), because you’re going to want to e-mail this post to everyone you know who is terrified of ventriloquist dummies. And that’s a trick sentence, because EVERYONE is teriffied of VDs. I mean, I can’t even read Ventriloquism For Dummies without cold chills Prefontaining up my spine. Wooden dummies are THE. WORST.

So, of course, when we saw the not-at-all brain ruining video over at the NY Times of actor Gary Oldman all painted up like a reanimated wooden fever dream, well, there was really only one thing to do… MAKE A GIF WALL OF IT.

Presenting The Worst Thing Your Eyes Will Ever See: A Gary Oldman as a Ventriloquist Dummy GIF Wall. I’m not easily terrified (a lie) but I am writing this blog post while holding up a cross to my monitor.


GIFs made by’s GIF Queen Lauren Deiman.

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