Ian Somerhalder Saves The World, One Birthday At A Time


If it weren’t for all his smoldering Twitpics, it would be kind of hard to tell that the Ian Somerhalder of Twitter is the same Ian Somerhalder who brings selfish (but softening!) vampire Damon Salvatore to life on The Vampire Diaries every week. He floods his feed with heartfelt (well, downright earnest) comments on the environment and animal cruelty every day (tweets like: “#sharks win big today in California! Thanks Gov Brown for signing #AB376″; “WTF?! This is crazy.What possesses you to swing chicken with a rope?How miserable of a human must you be!?” and the Black Friday criticism, “Stores should be ashamed. Family Is all we have, the foundation of our country and our world.Just my 2 cents,may not matter but I said it.”) There are also several references to shooting TVD, like this teaser, which drove fans crazy: “Of course 1st day back from a stuffing-your-face holiday, Damon Salvatore is naked… WTF?!”

But in the days leading up to the former Lost star’s 33rd birthday today, Ian has been extra warm and fuzzy, as he’s using the big day to raise money for his year-old Ian Somerhalder Foundation. He posted a long message to fans last week thanking them for all the presents they’ve sent him in the past, but asked that this year they donate to ISF, which has the not-too-modest goal of promoting green energy, slowing deforestation, preventing animal cruelty and supporting no-kill shelters. There’s also a bunch on the ISF site about helping kids, too. Not bad for a guy who pretends to rip out people’s throats for a living.

Judging by his recent tweets, the response to his birthday wish has been good so far. He even posted a talking-cat card to thank everyone, but we’re still waiting to see if he can hold to his promise to email a thank you to every single person who donates. In the meantime, the rest of us shallow folk will content ourselves with looking at Ian’s awesome Twitpics and other photos of him as a bloodsucking creature and a pretty good human.

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