Posing 101 With Lea Michele: 22 Of Her Best Red Carpet Moves


After scrolling through 91 pages of photos (yes, really) of Lea Michele we can safely say this: Lea Michele for ALL the red carpet posing awards. This woman is a master, a professional, an icon of the carpet who has risen through the ranks in less than two years. What took Jennifer Lopez, Angelina Jolie and Beyonce years to craft has taken this starlet months, and dare we say – she may just outshine them all. Lea’s obvious love of the spotlight (she was a Broadway performer before Gleeking out, after all) is enhanced by an adorable bod and amazing outfit picks by her stylist. She’s also trained in the art of contortion and knows how to twist and turn her body in such a way that she looks like a lightening bolt dressed in a Marchesa gown. But what’s most impressive is that Lea has a whole playbook of poses at her disposal! While some actresses can knock out on or two signature moves, Ms. Michele has no less than 22 in her tiny pocket.

The tutorial begins below!

Exhibit A: This video shows Lea in action as the cameras snap away. In just thirty seconds the actress transitions from the ‘Full Frontal Hand on Hip with a Smile’ to her ‘So Serious’ face, to ‘So Serious with the Side Angle,’ to ‘Big Grin and Giggle’ pose, to ‘Serious Shoulder,’ to ‘Smiling Shoulder with the Butt Bump’ to a ‘Kiss Blow!’ That’s seven poses in half a minute – a world record if we ever did see one.

Exhibit B: But don’t let her expert positioning fool you! Lea was once a total newb in front of the photogs, lacking the confidence and the body contortion skills she now so readily exhibits. Check out these pictures of Lea from before she became a mega-star, taken a mere 2 years ago.

So tepid, timid and goofy! So unsure of what to do with her limbs! So earnestly un-styled! So often dressed in virginal white with brown heels! But oh, how times have changed.

Exhibit C: Lea’s current posing range is vast, ranging from the ‘Oh-So-Serious, Full-Frontal Body Twist with the Double Hand-Hips:’

To the goofy, light-hearted, ‘I’m Just a Gal Frozen in a Position Where I Look Like I’m Doin’ a Cute Dance’ look:

Exhibit D: And check out her face game! She even does the J-Lo better than J-Lo!

Exhibit E: The Glee star has also mastered such advanced moves as the ‘Oh, This? It’s Just a Little Thing I Call My Hand:’

To the ‘Hair Tousle Hip Check':

Exhibit F: And finally, there’s Lea’s facial skills, which are what truly put her on top of the game. While the ‘Kiss Blow’ may be her tried and true go-to:

Her mastery truly shines when she works one of her ‘B*tch Faces,’ as seen here in the ‘Smoldering Side Shoulder B*tch Face, Advanced Level:’

Notice how her shoulder blade is prominently highlighted by twisting her right arm in while sticking her left hand on her hip. Lea also parts her lips ever so slightly and thinks evil thoughts (we think) to truly let her inner bitch pop out via her gorgeous face. Tyra Banks may have made “smize-ing” (smile with your eyes) a thing, but Lea’s all about the “beyes.” Yep, that’s short for “b*tch eyes,” people. Go forth and use it in your tweets.

Our extensive research turned up no less than 22 signature Lea Michele poses. Have we missed one? Scroll through our gallery and then let us know!


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