Charlize Theron Wants Young Adult, Snow White Characters To Be “Understandable”


As she makes the rounds to promote Young Adult (in select theaters today, opening wide next week), Charlize Theron has been playing mock offended by the fact that director Jason Reitman wanted her and only her to play the alcoholic former prom queen who comes back to her hometown to steal her high school boyfriend away from his wife and baby. But between this and her upcoming turn as the Evil Queen in Snow White and the Huntsman (not to mention her Oscar-winning role as a serial killer in Monster), the actress doesn’t really seem to like playing nice.

“I’m not a big fan of sympathy,” she told TheFABlife at the New York premiere of Young Adult. “For me, the understanding is the biggest part of it. I think if you can understand the character, then I’m happy with that.”

Then again, we doubt Theron would go in for a completely flat, Disney-style villain with no clear motive for seeking to destroy our beloved Kristen Stewart other than just being, well, evil.

“I think it’s definitely an empathetic character,” she explained of SWATH‘s queen. “I think you can understand [her]. Thematically, I think that’s what that story really is truly about: the idea that somebody’s raised a certain way to believe something and therefore can’t survive any other way and kind of continues this … manslaughter.”

And a little manslaughter never hurt anybody, right?

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