“Hot Homeless” Matt Damon To Appear On SNL


You know that thing when sometimes you see a guy, and you’re like “Wait, I’d talk to that guy,” and the next thing you know, he is talking to you!! Only he’s like “Can I have a dollar?” and you’re like “Baaaaabe anything for you,” and you buy him dinner and think things are going well until he brings you back to “his place” and it’s actually the park. He lives in the park. And you’re like “Wait a minute… you’re a hot homeless.”

Yup, hot homeless are all over the place, and if you like guys in bands, it can be confusing. Today, we have another face to add to the list of hot homeless…


Here are stills from this week’s Saturday Night Live host Katy Perry filming the SNL Digital Short with Andy Samberg, Val Kilmer and Matt Damon, who goes full hot homeless for the shoot.

These photos tell us one thing for sure: We all need to tune in this weekend.

Don’t even lie: You would date him.

Val Kilmer is looking particularly good, almost as good as the guy who lives in a lair in Ace Ventura. #newenglandclamchowder

Sure his fake teeth are nauseating…

But mouth closed, you wouldn’t even know. He’s the homeless confuser.

[Photos: Splash News]

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