Lindsay Lohan’s Playboy Pics: Hot Or Not?


I have long been a fan of the phenomenon that is Lindsay Lohan. Even when times got dark and weird (they’re still pretty dark and weird, huh?), I’ve always rooted for LiLo to pull through in some way. Maybe I’m just holding on to the magic of Lindsay in Mean Girls, but seriously — did you see her in Mean Girls? So good! And while it’s unclear if she’s ever really going to rebound from the mess that is her life (Dina and Michael, I still blame you for this), she’s clearly trying to with this Playboy spread. My personal opinions about the sexy naked pics are as follows:

  • Woah, her boobs?! Best real boobs ever or best fake boobs ever?
  • Does she have albino nipples?
  • Sigh. She looks way too much like Amanda Lepore in those Marilyn Monroe inspired pics.
  • The photos where she’s rockin’ her regular hair are pretty hot.
  • This is kinda tastefully done, right? Just me?
  • I wish she’d skip nudie spreads and just make some kick-ass movies again. Nothing big; small, independent features where she can prove her talent and shine like the star I know she is. Come on, Lindsay, work with me here.
  • Seriously, her boobs!!!

Check out the very NSFW pics here and say your piece in our poll below.

[Photo: via ONTD]

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