REVEALED: Lindsay Lohan Does Marilyn Monroe In Playboy


Well, well, well. Lindsay Lohan is not through convincing us that she is actually the Long Island Medium version of Marilyn Monroe, is she? It was only 3 years ago that she took her top off and recreated Marilyn Monroe’s last photo shoot for NY Mag. Since that time, Lindsay has been through even deeper hell and back, landing in jail multiple times and losing whatever credibility she once had as an A-list actress.

But that doesn’t mean she’s any less Marilyn!!! At least, according to Playboy, who forked over a cool million for the opportunity of getting another glimpse of Lohan’s famous rack. And today, we finally get a chance to see what a million bucks gets you these days. These Playboy photos, in the gallery below, are pretty tasteful all things considered. We’re kind of proud of Lindsay for not going full spread eagle as we would have done for the same money. She looks good in the pics, but let’s slow it down with the Monroe comparisons, shall we?

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(via ONTD & WorldMags)