James Franco Rips Into Breaking Dawn Over All That “Teenage Sex”


James Franco may have once watched a gay prostitute straight-up have sex with a client to prepare for a role (seriously, how was that not a bigger story? He talked about it on Inside the Actor’s Studio!), but that doesn’t mean he’s down with the fictional Breaking Dawn sex scene. In a scathing review for the Paris Review, the Rise of the Planet of the Apes actor tore the latest entry in the Twilight series apart like so many pillows in a honeymoon suite over the supposedly massive amounts of teenage sexuality on display.

“For a film that claims to be sexually responsible, the Twilight movies are awfully dependent on teenage sex to attract viewers,” Franco complains. “The actors prance about like pieces of meat, their disturbingly developed bodies on full display; Taylor Lautner’s rippling teenage chest is just a little better than the child beauty-pageant stars at the end of Little Miss Sunshine.” Wow, we don’t agree with James’ assessment at all! Well, except maybe the Taylor Lautner thing; the man-boy was shirtless within the first 45 seconds of the movie. What do you think? Is Franco right to be outraged, or does the star of the upcoming porn-themed indie film Cherry seem just a little bit hypocritical?

[Photo: Getty Images]

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