Lindsay Lohan’s Purse Gets Stolen In Hawaii, Loses $10,000


Lindsay Lohan’s Hawaiian vacation turned sour over the weekend when her purse was stolen from a house party on Friday night. We’re sure that caused a bit of panic, since it contained everything from her passport to a lot of cash, other IDs and more important, her probation paperwork as she is due back in court on Wednesday. Considering what a thin line she is walking with the law, it was more than a little stupid to leave her bag (it was Chanel, FYI), in her car for over two hours while attending the party. Where’s your head at, LiLo?

Fortunately for her, the bag was returned by a local, who said that he found it on the street. Everything was still in the purse, except the $10,000 cash that she was carrying. Which would make us bawl our eyes out, but the person who returned it was not questioned, reports TMZ. Lindsay was just happy to have her stuff back. This is after she apparently drove the whole party nuts looking for the missing item, even after the police had left. As for the stolen cash? Her Playboy check should cover that quite nicely.

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