8 Absolutely Amazing Bento Box Rice Sculptures


So, you think you were SOOOO COOOOL at grade school lunchtime because you had your fancy-smanshy Legend Of Zelda lunch box (or your Jem lunchbox, depending on your gender and/or confidence level)?

Then check out this BBC report on the growing trend in Japan of mothers sculpting elaborate, artistic school lunches for their children (not lunch boxes, the lunches themselves), using primarily rice and seaweed to form fun, crazy designs for their children to show off to friends then eat and feel bad about destroying it.

Here are 8 of the most ridiculous lunch-designs from the video. I don’t believe I’ve ever used the term “lunch-designs”, but, well here they are:

1. Obama

2. Michael Jackson

3. Playstation Controller

4. Hello Kitty

5. Piano

6. Panda

7. This Super Japanese Cartoon Character

8. Harrison Ford, Obviously

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