HOLY CRAP: Tiny 9-Year-Olds Have A Giant Hockey Brawl


Here’s a shocking (but kind of cute!) video of two Under-10 youth hockey teams in Kazakhstan whose postgame handshake line quickly devolves into a really massive brawl. On the plus side, it’s nice for Kazakhstan to finally get noticed for something other than Borat or being really frustrating in Risk.

Not to judge, but don’t people in Kazakhstan know ANYTHING about sportsmanship? The DADS are supposed to fight each other to the death in the stands in front of all the children because one said some innocuous offhand comment. That’s how youth sports are supposed to work. This is just wrong:

For the record, I refereed youth hockey in Pennsylvania for three years in the late 90s, and the most unsportsmanlike thing I ever saw was a kid doing the WWE “Suck It” gesture at the opposing bench after scoring a goal. Fortunately I penalized him before one of his rivals could distract me so another guy could nail him over the head with a 2×4. Or at least, I never saw anyone get hit with a 2×4. Uhoh.

(via Puck Daddy)

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