Local News Guy Congratulates His Co-Worker’s Boobs, Probably By Accident


Here’s a reporter from 9 News Denver attempting to congratulate his fellow anchor on her (/his) “Hoosiers”, but that is not what he says. Bet you can’t guess what happens!

Behold, the first of what I can only assume will be several videos of local news reporters accidentally saying something embarrassing and that clip ending up on the internet. I think we might be witnessing the birth of a trend here, people:

Ok, we all know what the guy was trying to say, but beyond the boob thing, what kind of a sentence is “Congratulations on your big Hoosiers”??? Who throws “big” before the name of a sports team that’s doing well? It’s clearly ONLY there so he can mess up the next word and have it fit really specifically.

“Hey Mike, congratulations on your new hard, throbbing dong! OH CRAP I meant hard throbbing JOB! God that’s embarrassing! Slip o’ the ol taint. Tongue!”

(via our ol’ pal Eliot Glazer at Vulture)

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