The Dictator Trailer Has Something For Everyone (To Be Offended By)


Hoo boy! We’ll happily admit that we’ll be first in line to see Sacha Baron Cohen‘s The Dictator on opening night, but seriously…hoo boy. Unlike his previous adventures in hilarity Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan and Brüno, both of which featured one oddball character against the world, The Dictator trailer seems to determined to depict pretty much everyone as a total moron, not least of all the leader himself. Cohen’s happy tyrant seems to be a little bit Saddam, a little bit Gaddafi, and a whole lot of upper man thigh. After watching the trailer, here is just a preliminary list of the groups that will likely be offended by Cohen’s latest:

  • Americans!
  • Middle Easterners!
  • Arabic speakers!
  • People intimidated by too much flair!
  • New Yorkers!
  • Fans of nattily trimmed facial hair!
  • AIDS/HIV advocates!
  • Haters who thought Megan Fox had no sense of humor about herself!
  • Megan Fox!
  • The Kardashians!
  • Gun safety advocates!
  • Olympic athletes!
  • Those who thought there was no way Cohen could do anything more outlandish than Brüno‘s Straight Dave’s Ultimate Fighting scene! You know the one!
  • People who hate to laugh!
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