Courtney Love Faces Eviction From New York Apartment


Courtney Love! What did you do to this place? Aw, you know we can’t stay mad at you; Courtney’s neighbors, on the other hand, probably can. According to Page Six, Love is currently being evicted from her West Village apartment “after she set it on fire and ‘ruined’ its decor,” among other things. According to Donna Lyon, the owner of Courtney’s building, the Hole front woman allegedly violated her lease by damaging her apartment, as well as owing more than $50,000 in rent. “I came to New York to see it and I was horrified by what [Love] had done,” Lyons added. “The walls that had been hand-painted and glazed were ruined, covered in damask wallpaper and ice-blue paint.” That’s what’s horrifying? The wallpaper? In that case, just wait to see what Courtney left in the linen closet. It’s unspeakable!

Of course, Courtney’s current dilemma is only the latest in a string of eyebrow-raising legal issues Love has run into this year. In May, Courtney was required to pay thousands of dollars in back pay to her maids, while in March the singer had to shell out $430,000 after settling a Twitter defamation case brought by designer Dawn Simorangkir. Love has a court date scheduled for December 21, but we’re sure she’ll charm her way out of this one like she always does. Oh wait, sorry: never. Like she never does.

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