The Hunger Games Is 100 Days Away: Solve The #HungerGames 100 Poster Puzzle Here!


Time is a marvelously, frustratingly relative thing. For those of us who have been waiting for a Hunger Games movie since we read the book in 2008, the 100-day countdown to the film that starts today seems pretty short. But then, when we think about how much we want to the showdown at the Cornucopia, it seems agonizingly long. Well, either way, let’s put on our best Effie Trinket positive attitudes and celebrate, shall we? Today, TheFABlife is honored to be a part of the #HungerGames100 Poster Puzzle Hunt. The picture below is piece #64 of 100 puzzle pieces released out into the many Hunger Games-friendly sites across the Interwebs today. You can download the PDF version of the piece here:

To find the other 99 pieces, search for #HungerGames100 on Twitter, download them all and assemble the puzzle. Then upload the completed poster to Facebook and tag the Official Hunger Games Movie Page.

If you don’t finish the puzzle in time, a pack of Muttations will attack you within the next hour, so hurry up! And in the meantime, share your guesses about what the final poster will look like. Is it the Reaping? The interviews?

[Photos: Lionsgate]

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