Is Snooki A Hipster Or A Bodacious Beach Babe?


Snooki has many different avatars, y’all. And she wants you to see — and love — all of them. To that end, a couple of very interesting photographs have been popping up on her Twitter feed over the last day and a half. The first is what we’d like to call “Hipster Snooki.” She posted the picture on the left from the airport wearing all black, a beanie, boots and hipper-than-thou glasses. We never thought we’d see the day that our guidette would be more Williamsburg than Jersey Shore. The picture on the right, however, put everything right with the universe. Snooki tweeted this masterpiece of her in a leopard-print shrug and a shiny purple, very plunging monokini. It’s probably what she’d wear every day if she could. On a side note: We’re amazed at how toned this girl has become!

[Photo via Twitter]

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