Justin Bieber Wants To Treat You This Christmas (For A Terrible Disease)


Justin Bieber has got your back this holiday season, girl. If by “got,” you mean “applied Vick’s VapoRub and a stethoscope to.” Justin continues to appeal to the parental units in his newest Someday ad, following up on his clever but off-putting “Dear Dad” spot. In the ad the Biebs warns against Lame Holiday Swag, or LHS. “Symptoms include a lame face, dry mouth, even hysteria caused from uncool swag,” Bieber gravely explains. A lame face? Dear Lord…we think we might have had LHS this entire time!

If you aren’t exactly feeling Dr. Bieber’s diagnosis, you can still look to Justin’s real-life good deeds to treat that nausea and fatigue. Earlier this afternoon the “Baby, Baby” singer performed a concert at Whitney Elementary School in Las Vegas, in addition to donating $100,000 to serve needy families in the community. Oh no…so what happens if you have Bieber fever and LHS at the same time? Good thing we bought this fainting couch off Craigslist!

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