Chiefs Beat Undefeated Packers By Watching The Movie Gladiator


The Kansas City Chiefs improbably beat the Green Bay Packers yesterday to ruin Green Bay’s undefeated season and snap their 19-game winning streak dating back to last season (and including the Super Bowl).

So how did Romeo Crennell – in his first game as Chiefs head coach and with his team coming in as 11-point underdogs – motivate his team to victory? Easy! He quoted the movie Gladiator:

Crennel used The Gladiator [sic] to help get his team ready for this game. He’d seen it last weekend in the hotel, before the Chiefs played the Jets, and he took some Russell Crowe into the Saturday night team meeting with him. “I told the team that, like the gladiator, we were going to play a great team in Green Bay, and no matter what comes out of these gates, we’ve got to stay together,” Crennel said. “We did that. I told them after the game, ‘Everyone expected us to die with honor today. But we’re not ready to die.’

There you have it! The secret to stopping the Packers juggernaut is to catch Gladiator on tv and repeat stuff Russell Crowe says to your players. The Packers’ other opponents this season tried quoting A Beautiful Mind, The Insider, and Virtuosity, but obviously to no avail (“Let’s get some PIZZA and CHICKS!” – Imaginary Paul Bettany)

NFL Coaches, take note: If you really, really need to win a game, remember to watch Gladiator or to make your team listen to Phil Collins in the dark.

(Sent to me by my friend Kevin along with the message “Aren’t they adults?”)

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