Kevin Federline Praises Britney’s New Fiance, Completely Redeems Himself


We’re not going to lie: even now some part of our lizard brain recoils from Kevin Federline. It’s not entirely our fault! Remember “Popozao”? Remember Britney’s unpleasantness with the umbrella? Even four years and a half years after their divorce, our minds have a hard time wrapping themselves around the fact that KFed is…is…is actually a nice guy! “I’m really happy for her,” Kevin told Australia’s TV Week about Britney Spears’ engagement to Jason Trawick. “She’s happy; she’s doing really well. I want to say she’s in a good place.” About Trawick himself, Federline adds, “I’ve spoken to him quite a few times as of now. He seems like a really good guy. The kids speak highly of him [and] her family loves him.” But…those Frappacinos years! Defenses…weakening. Hatred for KFed…dissipating.

Federline, who is currently shooting the celeb weight loss show Excess Baggage Down Under, is currently canoodling with girlfriend Victoria Prince, with whom he had baby Jordan Key in August. “She’s more than I could ever have hoped for,” Kevin said of his lady love. “Hopefully Britney feels the same way.” Oh wow, that is sweet. Hmm, now if only we could figure out what would get us past his egregious performance of “Lost Control” at Teen Choice Awards in 2006? Oh right…KFed’s also a good father to their sons Jayden James and Sean Preston. Wow, it feels good to let go.

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