Kobe Bryant’s Cheating Uncovered By Network Of Basketball Wives


Basketball Wives is already an amazing program, though maybe they could focus a little more on how pro-sports wives are apparently part of a covet network of spies charged with seeking out and destroying all signs of infidelity. At least, that’s what we’ve been thinking since Vanessa Bryant filed her divorce papers Friday against hubby and Lakers star Kobe Bryrant. While the couple were hoping to have “resolved all issues incident to their divorce privately,” according to TMZ, Vanessa allegedly discovered Kobe’s numerous extramarital adventures from her fellow basketball wives….who in turn learned about them from their NBA star spouses. See, if this was the plot of Mission Impossible- Ghost Protocol, maybe we’d actually see it. Okay, okay, we’re going to see it anyway. You get our point.

Of course, we all kind of knew Kobe had some potentially devastating secrets locked away in some golden briefcase or supercomputer or his brain, seeing as how he publicly copped to cheating with at least one woman when slapped with rape allegations in 2003 by accuser Katelyn Faber. Though it’s not clear exactly what particular incident finally drove Vanessa to the courthouse, with ten years of marriage under their belt and no pre-nup, Kobe’s going to curse the day those amazing basketball wife spies infiltrated his life. And that, children, is how Kobe Bryant became a Bond villain.

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