The 10 Most Adorable Animal Commercials Of 2011


There are two types of tv commercials: Ads that feature adorable animals doing adorable things and we love them because we just see animals and are happy even if they’re being used for advertising purposes, and ads that do not feature adorable animals (and are therefore the worst).

To celebrate the former, and to hopefully convince the latter to stop hating cute animals, please enjoy this 2011 Year In Cute look back at the 10 Most Adorable Animal Commercials Of 2011:

10. Shelter Pet Project Meow-nologue

The Shelter Pet Project – an organization committed to promoting pet adoption through adorable animal inner-monologues – released this series of ads taking you inside the cute but confused minds of newly adopted pets. The ads are really well-done and pretty accurate, other than the pets never yelling “FOOD FOOD FOOD FOOD FOOD”:

You can check out the other 3 ads in the adorable 4-part saga here.

9. Travelers Insurance Doggie Date

After last year’s notoriously tragic commercial about the ever-worrying dog desperate to protect his bone, the Travelers people decided to reverse bum-us-the-hell-out with this follow-up commercial where that dog falls in love, goes on a series of dates, and eventually raises a family. Although, if he was that worried about a bone, how worried is he gonna be about his pups? We’ll worry about that in the Threequel.

8. Goose Ships FedEx To Puppy

Adorable animal commercial meets OK Go video:

7. Sprint Admits The Internet Is Cats

The advertising world usually possesses such a vague, almost parental knowledge of what the internet actually is, so it was highly refreshing to see Sprint TELL IT LIKE IT IS and just straight-up admit that the internet is primarily used for cats. Cat viral videos, c-mail, Wikipawdia…

6. Legal Sea Food Bears

Can’t tell what’s more adorable here, the discerning bears or the very obvious rewound footage:

5. Segal & Lax Local Commercial

Not really “adorable” per se, just AWESOME. And it does make good use of an animal, so it qualifies:

4. German Beneful Ad For Actual Dogs

Beneful released this test-ad in Germany this year, billing it as the first commercial literally targeted at the dogs themselves. Will it work? Or are dogs dogs and thus do not know what anything is, ever? Only time will tell:

3. Cat’s Pride Fresh And Light CPR

This cat puts the “Cat” in CPR (CATiopulmonary resuscitation):

2. Ojai Taxidermy

Everything about this ad is perfect and proves once again that the most adorable animal of all…IS MAN:

1. This 1-800-Petmeds Ad

The Pomeranian at the beginning of this commercial was my favorite tv show of 2011. I have watched this ad literally upwards of 50 times, and have ordered literally upwards of 50 tons of Petmeds for my nonexistent pet, just on the off-chance that this Pom will show up at my house randomly and need some meds. Warning – You will do the same once you click this:

BONUS: The PSA For The Sarah McLachlan PSA

Not a real commercial, but this is an animal charity we can all get behind:

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