How Do Jewish People Celebrate Christmas?


It’s the holiday season, and I know what all of you are thinking: How do Jewish people celebrate Christmas? As a Jewish person (yes, named Collins, keep reading), the answer is simple: Hole up on Christmas Day watching TBS with a bottle of wine and then take a handcar to the mall on December 26 to buy tunics at 90 percent off. But there was a time in my family when we took Christmas a bit more seriously.

As part of’s Naked-Santa Spectacular, I take a look back at the unusual family tradition that we Jewish Collins’ – or at least, my parents – partook in every year. You will also learn how a Jewish Collins family is created to begin with. Just a little peek into my giant childhood which some of you may be interested in. You can read the article here.

Gelt-y Conscience: A Jewish Family Christmas via Vanity Fair

And Happy Holidays!

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