SUPERGOOD: The 11 Best Supercuts Of 2011


In 2011, Internet Supercuts became even more specific, more thorough, more exhausting, more ridiculous, and more amusing than ever before (besides maybe the 1930s, but we have no way of confirming this).

Here, to honor this ongoing trend of editors spending more and more hours painstakingly working to amuse us for two minutes, is our list of The 11 Most Super Supercuts of 2011.

We were originally gonna cut all of these Supercuts into one giant Supercut Supercut, but we figured we’d spare your brain the pre-holiday melting. Enjoy!

11. “It’s The 90s”

Obviously someone made a Supercut of characters saying “It’s the 90s.” It’s the 10s.

10. 80 Titular Lines In 2 Minutes

This video truly is…one of The 11 Best Supercuts Of 2011.

9. 20 Sexual Jokes In Kids’ Cartoons

Get ready to say “Uhhhhmmmm???” 20 times in a row.

8. Keep On Walking

Walka walka walka!

7. People Getting Hit In The Face With Pies

Remember when Rupert Murdoch got hit in the face with that pie? Bury this in a time capsule so the future society of 2012 can be reminded.

6. Idol Singers Ending Songs On The Title

From Supercutter Extraordinaire Rich Juzwiak comes mayyybe the most specifc (yet totally true) Supercut of the year:

5. “At The End Of The Day”

Sure, it’s a cliche, but at the end of the day, they’re just reality shows.

4. Twin Tower Cameos

This made me tear up. Partly because of the towers, partly just imagining the amount of time this video took to cut.


3. People Hanging Up Phones Without Saying Bye

“Hello? Hello??” – Half Of All Movie Characters Right Now

2. “You Just Don’t Get It, Do You?”

You just don’t get how often screenwriters lean on this crutch, do you?

1. The Ultimate Coach Taylor Pep Talk

If The Internet had State, this just won it. CLEAR EYES…

Honorable Mention: Dancing Pony Alone Supercut

This one didn’t make the (super)cut, just because it’s almost too depressing. “Sadder than the Twin Towers one?” Mmmmm, yeah, probably. It’s close.

Other great Supercuts from 2011? Leave ‘em in the CUTmments.

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