Is Bill Cosby On Netflix Or Hulu?


You know, a question that has been plaguing me for days is this:

Is Bill Cosby on Netflix or Hulu?

I mean… something almost tells me he’s on Netflix… but then, a small part of me starts to think WAIT. No… he’s gotta be on Hulu.

Oh, Mr. Cosby! Hello friend. Funny seeing you here. How’ve you been? Mmhmm. Right. Well, that Theo, I mean… right.

OK, so my friends and I were just talking, and we had a quick question….

Are you on Netflix or Hulu?

Well, that settles that. You can thank Eliot Glazer for spreading the word about your appearance on Netflix of Hulu.

In the meantime, have we ever gotten a follow-up story on whether or not he wore the Bill Cosby Infinity Sweater?

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