Prince William Has Major Swag, Shows Off His Dance Moves


We’re going to nominate this as the picture of the year! Prince William and Kate Middleton visited Centrepoint’s Camberwell Foyer yesterday, of which they’re both patrons. Serious hi jinks ensued with a 18 year old Vanessa Boeteng, who lives at Centrepoint. When the Prince asked her if he, “looked dapper in his wedding suit”, her answer got him to bust a move. Boateng said, “Nooooooo… Your swag was on point! He said ‘swag?’ Then we made up this dance. You dust your shoulders off twice.” And that’s the photograph you see, folks. Prince William and his swag dance, with Kate giggling at him. And you ask us why we love them?

The couple also got into aprons and made gingerbread and cookies topped with hundreds and thousands for all the residents. It was also 18 year old Tasha Barbi‘s birthday (she also lives at Centrepoint), and when Kate heard of the news she baked a special heart-shaped cookie for her, saying, “it’s your birthday cookie!” Click after the jump for two bonus photographs of Kate — who looked fab in an olive green belted dress — and Will getting down to it in their pinafores. 


[Photos: Getty Images]

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