Ready Your Ovaries For Detonation: Bieber Duets With His Toddler Sister


3…2…1…Squeeeee! Justin Bieber has picked you out something nice for the holidays,, and it’s cuter than eight puppies pulling a kitten Santa Claus in a tiny sleigh through a daycare center. A daycare center that cares only for babies that laugh too much. And then maybe there’s a baby duckling in there for good measure. During his Justin Bieber: Home for the Holidays concert special in Toronto, Justin brought his three-year-old sister Jazzy on stage for a heart-meltingly (and, okay, ear-splittingly) cuddly duet of “Baby.” It will make your heart grow three sizes this day….and your ear drums basically close of. Which only makes the video that much cuter. It’s like we always say: every time an adorable toddler shrieks, Justin Bieber gets his wings.

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