Rihanna’s 30 Hottest Pants-Free Looks Of 2011


2011 will be forever known as the year that Rihanna officially shunned pants. We’ve already brought you a pantsless Rihanna retrospective, but to be honest we still had way too many super hot pants-free pix stocked up. And these are just from this year alone! And because the holidays are a time for giving, we’ve decided to share Riri’s 30 hottest pants-free looks of 2011!

It’s been an amazing year for Rihanna, and it’s even more incredible to think of all the stuff she did without bothering to cover up. We all have nightmares about being pantsless in public, but Rihanna does more without wearing pants than most people do in their entire lives. Allow us to demonstrate with our handy timeline…

Rihanna’s Year Without Pants


Rihanna set the tone for the coming year with an interview for British GQ Magazine, in which the singer addresses her haters. “People think I’m overly sexy,” she said. “It bothers them for some reason. Girls don’t like to see other girls dressed sexy.”

So in defiance, she posed pantless on the cover! But that was just the beginning…

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Rihanna got her year-long pants-off dance-off started right with a super sexy performance at the Grammy Awards in L.A.

As you probably noticed, she isn’t wearing pants.

She then took her show across the pond to merry ol’ England a few days later where she sang at the 2011 BRIT Awards, and took home the award for Best International Female Star.

And she did it all without wearing pants.


As winter turned to spring, Rihanna was tapped to be the “voice” of Nivea skin care and feature in the advertisement for their 100th birthday.

She performed the honor without pants. Or anything else, for that matter.


Rihanna took over magazine stands this April, when she appeared on the cover of both Vogue and Rolling Stone.

If you look closely you’ll realize that she isn’t wearing pants in either shot. It’s like a sexy DaVinci Code.


Come May, Rihanna kicked off the 2011 Billboard Awards with a little help from Britney Spears!

Riri went sans pants for this, and apparently convinced Brit to do so, too.


In June, Rihanna released the video for her song, “Man Down.” The controversial short film drew fire for depicting extremely disturbing scenes of drug taking, violence and homicide.

It was also criticized for not containing enough scenes of Rihanna pantless.


In July of this year, Rihanna continued to sell out arenas around the world with her Loud Tour, wearing unforgettable outfits such this Lisa-Frank inspired bikini.

A little known fact is that she did most of these gigs without pants.


As the summer continued to heat up, a bikini clad Rihanna appeared as the guest of honor at the Kadooment Festival in her native Barbados. The results made her a finalist for the 2011 FABLife Bikini Awards.

The Kadooment Festival is an annual street carnival traditionally thrown to give thanks for pantsless Rihannas. (*note: not true*)


As kids of all ages were heading back to school, Rihanna appeared in print ads for Emporio Armani. The spots consist of Rihanna lounging around a vintage car looking very buffed and waxed. (err, we’re talking about the car).

Despite the fact that Emporio Armani does sell pants, they didn’t feel the need to put any on Rihanna.


As the leaves started to fall, the video for Requiem For A Dream: The Musical “We Found Love” dropped.

Responding to critics of her last video, this time she appeared in many scenes without pants.

This October Rihanna was also named the Sexiest Woman Alive by Esquire.

Riri accepted this honor without pants.


Rihanna tried to wear pants for her appearance on the U.K. edition of The X Factor this November. Really, she did!

But her sizzling red-hot dance moves caused the garment to disintegrate, rendering her pantsless yet again.


On December 22nd, Rihanna performed her final concert date on the Loud Tour.

She performed the show without pants, just for old time’s sake.

And there you have it! But those are just the highlights, people. For a comprehensive look at her entire pantsless year, check out the smokin’ hot gallery below! We’ve got 30 of her hottest looks from the past 12 months. No matter weather, Rihanna can be relied upon to bare her bottom in even the most unlikely places. Take a look!

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