Robert Pattinson Gets His Seduction On In Bel Ami Trailer


We’re beginning to suspect that there’s a think tank of the nation’s top scientists dedicated solely to making the perfect Robert Pattinson movie. That’s what we have to assume after watching the trailer for his upcoming film Bel Ami, due out March 2 of next year. Rob’s scruff alone is worth the price of admission.

From what we can tell, this movie has everything: rakish smiles, beautiful period costumes complete with classy underpants, angry shouting Uma Thurman, Robert Pattinson seducing older wealthy socialites in what appears to be a series of nonstop sex scenes. Oh, and the hats!  There must be a chalkboard somewhere covered in a formula combining all of these amazing elements and, in front of it, a scientist weeping with exhausted joy. Well-played, Doctor. Your legacy will live on forever…or at least until Breaking Dawn-Part 2 hits theaters.

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