Miley Cyrus Puts Us In A Spin Cycle With A Li’l Laundromat Photo Shoot


You bettah work … on separating your whites from your colors before throwing them in the wash, Miley Cyrus. The singer stuck a pose with sis Brandi Cyrus and pal Denika Doll last night amid the fabric softener and stray socks for an impromptu laundry-themed photo shoot. How come Miley’s entire posse looks cuter and more pulled-together on Laundry Day than we look every other day of the year? “It may look like a photoshopt, but we were legit doing laundry,” tweeted Brandi along with the photos. Man, if Annie Liebovitz had used a dryer sheet instead of one from a boring old bed in her portrait of Miley Cyrus, maybe her photo would have been half as charming and well-scrubbed as these. Hindsight: It’s always 20/20.

[Photo: Brandi Cyrus’ Twitter]

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