The 62 Most Unforgettable Animals Of 2011


1. Knut The Polar Bear, May He Rest in Peace

RIP KNUT: 50 Photos To Remember Knut By

2. This Grape-Sized Turtle

Grape-Sized Turtle Looks Cute Enough To Accidentally Eat

3. Our Fave Fat Cat Of 2011: Fat Cat On Treadmill


Fat Cat Working Out On Underwater Treadmill: A Thing

4. Primordial Man’s Best Friend!

Dog And Orangutan BFFs Are Today’s Official “Reason For Living”

5. “Everything Is Amazing!” Cat

The Constantly Amazed Cat GIF Wall

6. The Gender-Identity Issue Squirrel

The Adorable Adventures Of A Cross-Dressing Squirrel

7. Werqing The Catwalk Dog

Dog Walk On Hind Legs, Works The Catwalk

8. Smiling Newborn Baby Penguin Baby

“Have A Great Weekend Everyone” — Baby Penguin

9. Pony In Smallest Birthday Hat

World’s Smallest Horse Celebrates Birthday With World’s Tiniest Party Hat

10. The Luckiest Sloth In The World (Scratched By Ryan Gosling)



MOM FWDS: Baby Royal Antelope Ready For His Closeup

12. All Of These Goats On Tightropes!!!

18 Photos Of Goats On Tightropes

13. Upside-Down Farting Dog (:19)

Perfect Dog Video Made Better With Addition Of Fart

14. Mindf*ck Pug In Pug Slippers

Matrix Pug Is Practically Begging For Red Pill

15. Every Dog Fart On The Internet Ever

Video edited by Pete Schultz, who now writes for SNL. I hope they’re keeping his intellect active as we did for so many years.

16. Donald Trump Chihuahua

DISCOVERED: Dog Looks Exactly Like Donald Trump

17. Oily Baby Otter Cleaned With Dawn

WTF EXPOSE: Dawn Covers Otters In Oil For Cutest Ad Ever

18. Dog Riding A Scooter!

The Scooter Dogs Have Become Self-Aware

19. Can You Deer Me Now?

Can You Deer Me Now: Deer Loses Ears, Gains Trendy Headwrap

20. Your Favorite: Basset Hounds Running

1: 50 Photos Of Basset Hounds Running

2: Basset Hounds Running On A Beach Are All We Need To Survive

21. Miniature Pony Reading Book On Miniature Ponies

How Much Is A My Little Pony Worth To You?

22. This Stoned Elephant Baby

Baby Elephant Is So High Right Now, You Guys

23. The Test Results Llama

“Do You Have My Test Results, Doctor?” — Llama

24. Parrot Shags Man’s Head = LOLOL

Parrot Shags Man’s Head In Most English Viral Video Ever

25. Baby Cheetah, Why So Sad

Baby Cheetah Has Face Everyone But A Mother Could Love

26. Dogs Hanging Their Heads Hanging Out Of Windows

50 Dog Faces Flapping In The Breeze

27. Stoned Elephant Baby Confronted With Rehab

CAPTION THIS: Baby Elephant Can’t Believe Sammi Hit Ronnie


LATEST OBSESSION: 4-Hour-Old Alpacas

29. Show-Stopping Show-Jumping Rabbit

This Rabbit Has Been Waiting His Whole Life For This Coach


Pug Conga Line Goes On As World Prepares To End

31. Alpaca Grooming Tips

The DOs And DON’Ts Of Alpaca Grooming

32. Dog Misses Owner, Won’t Leave Gravesite

BEST CRY EVER: Dog Refuses To Leave Owner’s Grave

33. My Future Husband


34. Goose In Birkenstocks

Goose Loves Showin’ Off His Quackenstocks!

35. RIP: Heidi, The Cross-Eyed Possum

R.I.P.: A Heidi The Cross-Eyed Opossum Commemorative GIF Wall

36. Harry Potter Cats

All You Need To Know About Harry Potter As Told By Cats

37. Koala In A Sweater Vest

Injured Koala Sports Recovery Sweater Vest

38. Ryan Gosling’s Dog George, A Champion

Ryan Gosling And The Time He Went To The Turkish Baths

39. 50 Dogs I Would Take To Prom

20 Dogs Slow-Dancing To Boyz II Men

40. Scrolling Baby Owl Orphans (Wait For It)

The Best Scrolling Picture Of Orphaned Baby Owls You’ll See All Day

41. Willy The Flamenco Dancing Dog

Introducing El Willy, The Tiniest Flamenco Dancing Dog

42. Mewdini, The Cat Who Fits Into Small Jars

MEET MEWDINI: The Cat That Wants To Live In A Jar

43. Baby Sloth Loves To Hug

“I Wanna Know What Love Is. I Want You To Show Me.” — Me To Baby Sloth

44. Every Westminster Dog This Year

FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION: The 2011 Westminster Dog Show

45. The Sh*t Just Got Real Llama

THANK GOD IT’S GIFDAY: Sh*t Just Got Real Llama

46. Chihuahua On Lap Pillow

A Lap For Your Dog When Your Lap Has Other Plans

47. Man And Cat Watch TV In Harmony (aka Cat Feet)

Man And Cat Make Best Internet Photo Of The Week

48. Baby Llama Faces

65 Unforgettable Stock Photos Of Llamas

49. Duck And Man BFF

Duck Thinks Friendly Australian Man Is His Dad

50. Penguin, The Penguin Train Conductor

All Aboard My Ovaries

51. Doggy Dinosaurs

5 Dinosaur Dog Costumes And A Bonus Bat

52. 50 Star Wars Dogs

50 Dogs In Star Wars Costumes

53. Halloween Dog Parade Winners

FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION: The 21st Annual Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade

54. Puss In Boots Movie Screening With Cats Cat

Puss In Boots Knows What We Want: CATS IN SUNGLASSES

55. Dogs In Slutty Halloween Costumes

The 40 Sluttiest Doggy Halloween Costumes

56. Batman And Robin Cats

Try Beating This, All Pet Owners Everywhere

57. Walking Cat GIF

Here’s A GIF To Brighten Your Monday Morning

58. Hitler Cat

Hitler Cat Continues His Reign Of Terror

59. Lamb Chopper

E-Mail This To Your Mom: Lamb Chopper

60. One-Day Old Hippo

One-Day Old Hippo = GIVE ME A CHILD

61. Happy Bath Dog

Dog Snout Also Makes Handy Bath Snorkel

62. The “I’m Super Thanks For Asking” Bear

10 Waving Bears Being Like “Hey Girl!”

And let us not forget what my internal organs looked like for all of 2011: